Review of Canterbury Hollow

They decided their names and a small bridge between them would be enough.

“Canterbury Hollow,” by Chris Lawson, moves with efficiency through an elegant and moving love story. The story struck me as, in a way, like an exercise in distillation. We have questions about the way the characters are acting, but the answers serve to intensify and clarify the value and meaning of their actions.

The setting is well-realized and serves as a fitting backdrop for the theme of distillation. The planet Musca’s sun is intensifying, and soon it will destroy the surface. The challenge of saving what can be saved animates the story, along with the difficult fact that some things cannot be saved at all.

The lovers make what they can of their lives, and every one of their choices is crystallized in transient significance.

“Canterbury Hollow” appeared in the January/February Magazine of Fantasy & Science Fiction