Hopes for 2014

Here are some things I hope happen this year:

  • Continuing progress on the nuclear talks with Iran
  • Comprehensive reform of the NSA spying programs
  • A fantastic Olympics (special bonus Putin feels so bad about the anti-gay law in Russia that he changes it)
  • A peace deal between Israel and Palestine
  • Obamacare implementation repaired and the continuing rollout successful with few problems (special bonus: so successful a movement for the public option gets re-introduced)
  • Curiosity rover keeps working well and driving around Mars being awesome
  • Bill de Blasio has a successful start as NYC mayor and gets funding for the universal pre-K plan somehow
  • Citibike program in NYC expands to cover more of the city
  • The United States realizes the impending catastrophe of climate change and mobilizes dramatic resources to stop carbon emissions

So there are the hopes. Now I just need to figure out what I’m doing–maybe I can have an impact on the above? At the least, this list will be something I can check back on 1/1/15–see how everything turned out.

Happy 2014!