Fountain Pens

I’ve started exploring fountain pens. And I love them.

This is not necessarily a good development. I’m already the kind of person who walks into a bookstore “just to browse” and walk out having “bought eight books.”

And I blame some of the writers I follow on twitter who kept talking about how cool and fun fountain pens are. So I went to Goulet Pens and one thing led to another and now I have:

  • A Pilot Metropolitan, fine, filled with Noodler’s Black ink
  • A TWSBI Eco, fine, filled with Noodler’s Fox
  • A Lamy Safari, fine, filled with Noodler’s Liberty’s Elysium

The Pilot and the TWSBI are vying to be my favorite. The Lamy is fine but a little scratchy.

I think I’m under control for now, although I have been watching videos about pens a lot, and looking at different notebooks and ink colors.

But I can stop any time. I swear. I’m in control.