Feels like Bad Times

I donated to a Houston food bank today, and I ordered a copy of Boethius’ Consolation of Philosophy.

Doing some small thing to try to help Houston out as Hurricane Harvey keeps pouring rain on that region feels better than nothing, but it doesn’t feel like enough.

I was in New York during Sandy, and this situation touches those memories for obvious reasons. One thing I remember is the term “hundred year flooding,” and now with Harvey I’ve seen “five hundred year flooding.” But the climate is changing, and these things that used to be vanishingly rare are starting to appear more frequently. In New York the impact was terrible in terms of harm to people, lost homes, and damage to property both public and private. And to me, Harvey is looking to be worse.

It isn’t a competition, of course. I only mention it because it is all making me think of a process unfolding of things getting worse, and sometimes it feels like there’s no way to turn it around.

That’s why I felt like reading Boethius again. Fortifying myself for a time when things might not turn out all right.