Charlie Tries to Interview Her Nanny” in Fireside Fiction, February 2020

A “Must-Read” for February 2020: ” This story hit me hard and fast and left me wanting more.”

Charles Payseur, at Quick Sip Reviews, writes that “The piece is tinged with shadows, with violence and prejudice and grim truths, but the core contains all of a child’s directness and honesty.”

Alternate Peace anthology cover

“What Makes a Better World” in Alternate Peace, an anthology from Zombies Need Brains press (purchase)

Hidden Histories anthology cover

“The Oracle’s Dilemma” in Hidden Histories, an anthology from Third Flatiron (purchase)

Cockroach Conservatory issue 1 cover

“Consensus Reality” in The Glory of Man: The Rise and Fall of the Reality Soldier, from Cockroach Conservatory (purchase)

Cockroach Conservatory issue 1 cover

“I’ve Wedged This Light” in The Working Zealot’s Guide to Gaining Capital in Pre-Apocalyptic America, from Cockroach Conservatory (purchase)

Submerged anthology cover

“Another Dream to Europa” in Submerged, an anthology from Zombies Need Brains press (purchase)

Triangulation Appetites anthology cover

“Free to Good Home” in Triangulation: Appetites, an anthology from Parsec Ink (purchase)

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